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Stand Out Don't Blend In!

An Innovative System Designed for Communities of all sizes

The GLOVent CMS 4IR is a web application consisting of a Community Management Module with a Member Mobile Application. The Community Management Module is a management and communication tool assisting management committees with the day-to-day management of their community. The Member Mobile Application, amongst other benefits, provides a central interface for community members to interact with their management committee and one another.

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Database Management

Property, people, pets, and vehicles are managed with many-to-many, self-definable relations. Specific permission-based access for owners, tenants, administrators, estate agents, and any other type of relation to the community. 

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Communication Management

A comprehensive platform facilitating seamless communication. It offers In-App messaging, email, and SMS options, with a user-friendly drag-and-drop email designer for personalized community-specific emails.

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Surveys & E-Forms

Automated notifications alert upon e-form completion, enhancing responsiveness. Targeted surveys link to specific database segments, ensuring precision in member selection. 

Database Management
Communication Management
Surveys & E-Froms
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Help Desk

Efficiently handle diverse requests, managing inquiries and support needs seamlessly. Users log tickets for specific departments, receiving real-time updates via the app. The interactive chat feed enables direct communication between administrators and users, expediting ticket resolution.

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Document Management

Offering instant access to community documents via the app. Users can view and download community-related files effortlessly. Access permissions are tailored, ensuring specific folders and files are restricted based on individuals' relationships with the community, maintaining privacy and security.

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Information Management

Information Management offers complete control over data displayed in the community's mobile app. Administrators can selectively choose the information to present or conceal to community members. 

Help Desk
Document Management
Infomration Management
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Facility Bookings

Admins oversee facilities, setting booking rules and times. Members can book and manage facilities within specified rules. In addition, admins receive notifications for booking approvals and cancellations. 

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Property Management

App users can access property details and documents, downloadable at their convenience. Custom fields can be viewed and updated, ensuring personalized information management. Owners can set GPS coordinates for precise property locations. 

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Service Providers

Allows admins to list companies with logos, availability, and contact details. Users can search for specific services like plumbers, electricians, etc., and contact nearby providers directly through the app. 

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Event Management

Admins create, share, and provide event details, images, and attachments for members. Users can RSVP through the app, change their status, and specify the number of attendees, streamlining event participation and coordination.

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Admins can create event-specific albums and swiftly upload images. The photos are automatically shared with community members via the mobile app, enhancing engagement and preserving memories. Admins can efficiently manage albums through the Admin Portal.

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Empowers users to create and manage community listings via the mobile app. Each listing can feature a picture, summary, description, contact info, and price. Users can set expiration dates, enhancing dynamic and efficient community-based buying and selling.

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Important Numbers

Admins can create and manage contact information in the Admin Portal, and easily share with community members. App users can swiftly interact with the contacts.

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Mobile Emergency

Our Mobile Emergency System includes a back-end portal, which allows administrators an overview of emergency incidents This function has an app-integrated button, which allows app users the ability to notify their nominated emergency contacts, as well as a centralized control room in case of an incident. Notifications will include the user's actual location, incident type, and other relevant information related to the user.


Digital Wallet

A mobile wallet is offered to members through the member application. Funds in this wallet can be used to buy airtime, bundles and prepaid electricity.


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White-label Mobile App

The white-label mobile app can be personalised to reflect your community brand identity. This means you can incorporate your community logo, colours, and overall design elements to create a seamless brand experience for your community members. 

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Visitor Management System

Designed for communities, our mobile application seamlessly integrates with the scanner application used by guards to capture and identify information related to visitors. In addition, simple management and detailed reporting functions allow the administrator to oversee and maintain access of non-permanent relations.

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Access Control Integration

Our Community Management System seamlessly integrates with leading access control systems, including ZKTeco and IMPRO Access Systems, enabling the administrator to manage individual data from a single source, with abilities such as user sync & expiration of access. 

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Accounting System Integration

Admins can upload invoices or email them directly from their accounting software. Utilising OCR technology, documents are linked to specific community members' profiles, ensuring accuracy. Members can effortlessly view and download their invoices and statements through the mobile app, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

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Utility Management

The UTILHUB provides an integrated utility interface and metering solution, designed to manage a variety of utilities such as electricity, gas, and water. Members and administrators can easily access consumption and warning information through the Utility portal or the GLO CMS App. 

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Golf Bookings

Integration with Clubmaster and Jonas Club Software, to simplify golf bookings.

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Digital Voting

The Digital Voting Module includes a Progressive Web App (PWA) to facilitate the user’s participation in different types of meetings (Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings, Trustee Meetings). Our Digital Voting module operates entirely according to your established rules and constitution, ensuring full compliance with current laws and regulations.

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Gain targeted exposure and reach your ideal audience with our In-app advertising hub. As a featured merchant, you will have a prominent position that is easily discoverable by gated community members.

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Every Community is different



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