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The Glovent Solutions Management System is a comprehensive digital platform designed to simplify and optimize community operations. We have been helping communities of all sizes run a more efficient community for over 15 years.

With our GLO CMS, you can enhance efficiency, improve communication, and drive operational excellence, revolutionizing the way you manage your community.

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The GLOVent CMS 4IR is a web application consisting of a Community Management Module and a Mobile Member App. The Community Management Module is a management and communication tool assisting management committees with the efficient day-to-day management of their community. The Member Mobile App, amongst other benefits, provides a single interface for community members to interact with their management committee and one another.

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The Member Mobile App

The GLO CMS Mobile App stands as a pioneering solution crafted to revolutionize community and estate management, offering residents a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to enhance connectivity, streamline operations, and foster a vibrant sense of community.

With the Mobile App's intuitive interface, residents can effortlessly access vital information, receive updates from community managers, book community facilities, generate visitor access codes, log help desk tickets and so much more.

The Admin Portal

The Admin portal stands as the backbone of the GLO CMS Mobile App. This dynamic web application is tailor-made for communities of all sizes, offering management committees a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline their day-to-day operations with efficiency and precision.


From seamless communication channels to robust administrative functionalities, the Admin portal empowers administrators to effortlessly oversee and orchestrate various aspects of community management, ensuring smooth and effective operations for all stakeholders involved.

140 +


180 000 +

Members using Glovent Solutions

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processed per month

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sent per month

Who can benefit from our solutions?

Residential Estates

& Complexes

Commercial Properties

SMART Cities

& Municipalities

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