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Working from home: The noise rules for complexes, estates and other homes

With South Africa back in adjusted level 4 Lockdown as the country battles another surge in Covid infections, many have returned to a work-from-home environment.

Seeff Property Group says that this has led to a lot more activity closer to home, including entertainment, visitors, and deliveries, leading to increased noise levels.

“Neighbourhoods and even complexes might not be quite as peaceful as they used to be. Loud music, noisy get-togethers, barking dogs, and cars in your driveway could be just some of the disturbances that neighbours need to deal with these days,” said Gerhard van der Linde, managing director for Seeff Pretoria East.

Lockdown or not, the law still applies, he stressed. “Everyone has the right to enjoy their property without discomfort and you should not interfere with your neighbour’s rights, or you could face legal consequences.”

“South Africa has a comprehensive set of neighbour laws which deal with property and neighbourly issues along with local municipal bylaws and regulations to regulate acceptable noise levels and so on.”

(Source: BusinessTech, 2021)

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