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GLOVent’s big brother just got BIGGER

GLOVent’s holding company – Digitata LTD – listed yesterday on the JSE through holding company 4Sight Holdings.

GLOVent CEO, Adriaan Odendaal and CTO, Richard Walton attended the listing of 4Sight Holdings, a pioneer in Industry 4.0 technology, on the JSE’s ALTX Exchange in Sandton yesterday.

During an interview with CNBC Africa in September 2017, 4Sight Holdings CEO and Co- Founder, Professor Antonie van Rensburg said that the investments holdings company was created to invest in industry four companies. Basically it refers to the fourth industrial revolution, meaning it is moving our physical world into a digital environment. The strategy

was to find entrepreneurs that has already built and managing what Van Rensburg likes to call ‘intelligent algorithm’. The first acquisition happened on the 1st of July 2017 with Digitata.

This is a very exciting day for the entire 4Sight group and GLOVent in particular, GLOVent CEO, Adriaan Odendaal said after the listing. Although it is still business as usual for GLOVent in terms of the day-to-day operations, being part of a listed group creates huge opportunity for all the GLOVent stakeholders, including customers and staff.

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