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The GLOVent CMS is packaged as our core solution, with integrated specialised modules, combining to form a total integrated Community Management System.

Database Management

  • Centrally hosted, multi-relational database.

  • Property, people, pets and vehicles are managed with many-to-many, self-definable relations.

  • Designed to be integrated with other community system databases.

Communication Management

  • In-app messaging, with additional email and SMS options.

  • Targeted communication through multiple database segmentation options.

  • Records of communication sent and received.

Preferred maintenance supplies and contractors network

  • Home maintenance service providers are connected to members as and when need arise

  • Service providers are rated and managed to collectively improve the quality of service

Information Management

  • Online Document Sharing and Management.

  • Sharing of Community and Industry news.

  • Community Events calendar.

  • Facility Bookings.

  • General Information sharing.

Member Relationship Management

  • Individual member photos, notes, documents, and communication history.

  • Help Desk with real-time progress feedback.

  • In-app member opinion polling.

Payment Solutions

  • Mobile Wallet creating a cash-free community

  • Funds in this wallet can be used to pay levies, fines, Golf rounds etc

Optional Spesialised Modules



The administration of visitors to the community is offered directly through the member mobile application, integrated to a scanner application used by the guards at the gate(s) of the community. The system offers pre-clearance as well as unannounced visitor access procedures with full identification through driver's license and car license scanning. Community Management has a complete view of visitor transactions through the admin backend.



Access to a mobile emergency button can be provided to members of the community directly through the member mobile application. Activation of the emergency button will inform selected family members and/or friends as well as the community security management. Information passed include the GPS location of the member at the time of his/her destress. Members also have the option to subscribe to a national armed response base, that if activated, can respond the the member’s emergency through most of South Africa.




The GLOVent CMS database can be integrated with most access control systems, ensuring synchronised information between the systems.



The reserve management module facilitates reserve fund planning and management. A rolling and detailed 30 year reserve plan is provided based on asset and replacement values provided, detailing expected spending in the next 30 years as well as the reserve fund levy required by each
member to be able to meet these requirements.



A mobile wallet is offered to members through the member application. Funds in this wallet can be used to pay levies, fines, utilities, restaurant bills, golf rounds and more, effectively creating a cash-free community. Various methods exists
too easily deposit and withdraw money into and out of the wallet.



The GLOVent CMS CORE can be integrated with most accounting and/or business ERP systems on both a database and transactional level. Database integration ensures the accounting and CMS database are always synchronised and transactional integration allows members to view their account information in realtime on the member mobile application.





The business process management module digitises process execution in the community.
Pre-defined processes to complete tasks are created, which can then be launched when the
task is to be executed. Each step in the process is digitised on a mobile platform, from where the responsible party is notified of the task, guided through the completion and evidence like GPS coordinates, date and time, photos, signatures and more are collected.



Members can securely vote for matters at hand directly through the member mobile application and other electronic mediums. Elements like proxy’s, member meeting attendance and
individual member’s eligibility to vote are taken into account to ensure a fully legal compliant electronic voting alternative.





The GLOVent Utility Management module offers
Utility Vending, a Utility Interface and Utility Metering. As part of the Vending module, utilities can be purchased directly from the member application. The utility Interface offers a utility usage information to members (in the app) and administration (in the CMS admin portal), by connecting to any utility reading database. This can be collected from existing or 3rd party meters or through the manual reading of meters. The GLOVent Utility Metering option offers the full turn-key solution, where smart utility meters are supplied and managed with partners, interfacing to the utility interface.
Additional Home Automation devices are also added to the package, that will ultimately allow members the option to purchase and connect various home automation switches directly to their community member application. This will allow them to manage and control elements like swimming pumps, septic tanks, lights, home cameras and more.



The GLOVent CMS offers a Service Provider
Management service where home maintenance service providers are connected to members as and when the need arise. The service is available to members through member mobile application. Service providers are rated and managed to collectively improve the quality of service from service providers to the community.




The estate infrastructure is mapped and managed directly in the GLOVent CMS through a GIS (Geographic Information System) map. Detailed information, including its exact location, is kept of all infrastructure in the community, including but not limited to electrical cables, water pipes, telecom infrastructure and more.



The latest GLOVent CMS integrated solution features the electronic booking of facilities.
These facilities are available on our Glo Community Member App.




The GLOVent member application can be personalised (white labelled) for each community. This means the community will have their own app available on the app stores (icon and name)
with their personal white labelled app installed on
member’s phones.



The property sales manager module is a property sales management module directly integrated in the Community Management System (CMS). The module offers lead management and sales process management, keeping track of prospective buyers and the progress of properties being sold. The sales manager is linked to an interactive sales map which can be linked to the community website. The sales map provide an interactive map to the public indicating available properties with related details like price, size and more.



The public web template module provides basic web templates in the CMS from where basic public web-pages can be created and maintained for the community. This provides the community with a basic online presence where information with prospective buyers and other interested parties can be shared.




Domain and website hosting is offered to GLOVent CMS clients as an optional value added service. Hosting services offered typically caters for small office requirements, namely the hosting of a domain, an ‘online brochure’ type website and up to 10 email addresses.



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