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The GLOVent Utility Management module offers
Utility Vending, a Utility Interface and Utility Metering. As part of the Vending module, utilities can be purchased directly from the member application. The utility Interface offers a utility usage information to members (in the app) and administration (in the CMS admin portal), by connecting to any utility reading database. This can be collected from existing or 3rd party meters or through the manual reading of meters. The GLOVent Utility Metering option offers the full turn-key solution, where smart utility meters are supplied and managed with partners, interfacing to the utility interface.
Additional Home Automation devices are also added to the package, that will ultimately allow members the option to purchase and connect various home automation switches directly to their community member application. This will allow them to manage and control elements like swimming pumps, septic tanks, lights, home cameras and more.



The GLOVent CMS offers a Service Provider
Management service where home maintenance service providers are connected to members as and when the need arise. The service is available to members through member mobile application. Service providers are rated and managed to collectively improve the quality of service from service providers to the community.




The estate infrastructure is mapped and managed directly in the GLOVent CMS through a GIS (Geographic Information System) map. Detailed information, including its exact location, is kept of all infrastructure in the community, including but not limited to electrical cables, water pipes, telecom infrastructure and more.



The latest GLOVent CMS integrated solution features the electronic booking of facilities.
These facilities are available on our GloPortal App for your convenience.


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